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Connect your laptop to the internet or use our All-in-One PCs.

Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi Connection

There are two independent Wi-Fi networks that provide Internet connection for notebooks, tablets and smartphones – eduroamMUNI. We recommend using eduroam.

Wi-Fi is available to all MU students and employees.

Available Wi-Fi networks

Eduroam is an international project supporting user mobility within academic networks. Users can thus connect at various academic institutions around the world. While connecting, users are verified by university affiliated to their account. MUNI is a special-purpose network used for searching instructions on how to connect to eduroam, or in trouble connecting to eduroam. This network is available only for those who have an MU account.
Secure data transmission
(unlike MUNI network).
Data transmission is NOT secure, NOT RECOMMENDED for sensitive data transmission.
Username: UČO@muni.cz1
Password: secondary password2
Username: UČO1
Password: secondary password2
  1. University unique identification number
  2. Your secondary password can be found/changed here

Connection instructions

PC and software

PC and software

General information

Library computers fall under University Computer Rooms (UCR). There are 66 computers at the users’ disposal, 3 of which are designated for access to IS MU and Library Catalogue exclusively. Some computers have an English version of the Windows operating system installed. These computers are marked with a special label at the bottom of the monitor.

Label on the computer monitor

Use your UCO and secondary password to log in. If you forget your secondary password, you can create a new one.

You can connect your own PC to Wi-Fi, wired connection is not supported. By using our PC rooms you agree to follow Operating Regulations of MU Computer Rooms (PDF) .

Study rooms software

Study rooms are equipped with computers with standard set of applications and some selected ones (ArcGIS Pro, Google Earth Pro, QtiPlot, QGIS).

  • Network drives (T + V) for Geography education data are connected to labeled computers on the third floor (see label "Network drives connected – Geography").
  • Geomatica application is no longer available on our computers.
Remote access (VPN)

Remote access (VPN)


Staff and students can log in to the university network remotely using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). When connected to the VPN, the computer behaves as if it were connected directly in the university network. It is therefore possible to use, for example, access to electronic resources from anywhere and from any private device.

Remote access

Networks at MU

PC rooms at MU

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