Print, Copy, Scan, Comb bind

Print out your scripts and have them bound.

General information

In order to copy or print, you need to:

  1. activate your SUPO account 
  2. insert an initial deposit of at least CZK 50 (via bank transfer) or CZK 100 (via top-up machine)

Recharge your SUPO account via:

  1. bank transfer
  2. Top-Up machines – find one in the library, opposite the circulation desk downstairs (please note it accepts banknotes only)

In Central Library, the top-up machine is on the ground floor, opposite the circulation desk (banknotes only). Cashless recharge is also possible.

Multi-function printer is on the first floor.

On you may check your balance or cancel your print job. Sign in with your Personal ID (UČO) and secondary password.



You may print from all computers in the library. Send your print job to the "PRINT MU" printer. Then attach your ISIC card to the card reader at the printer and choose the document to print.

Greyscale print is the default. Set colour or double-sided print in the printer properties before sending the job to the printer. If you do not have your ISIC on you, you may print using your PIN code. Generate your PIN (valid for 24 hours) on

Black & white
A4 – CZK 1,50  A4 double-sided – CZK 2,80
A3 – CZK 3 A3 double-sided – CZK 5,80
A4 – CZK 8 A4 double-sided – CZK 15,80
A3 – CZK 16 A3 double-sided – CZK 31,80

Print from notebook, e-mail or web interface

Find information or printer drivers on



Copying is available only with an ISIC card or PIN code (see Print)

Activate the printer by attaching your ISIC card to the card reader at the printer. Press the button with "Copy" button symbol. Put your documents to the upper feeder or on the scanner glass. Set your options for copying (colour/greyscale; single-sided/double sided copy) and press the bluish button in the bottom right corner of the control panel.

Black & white copy
A4 – CZK 1,60 A4 double-sided – CZK 3
A3 – CZK 3,20 A3 double-sided – CZK 6,20
Colour copy
A4 – CZK 8,10 A4 double-sided – CZK 16
A3 – CZK 16,20 A3 double-sided – CZK 32,20

Minimum balance for copying is 32.20 CZK.



Scanning is free of charge. Follow any of these two options (applies to Ricoh multifunction printer):

1) Scan with ISIC/PIN

An active SUPO account is needed. Sign in with your ISIC card or PIN code. Press the “Scan“ button on the touchscreen. Follow one of these options:

  • Scan to my school email - preset to university e-mail; e-mail size limited to 15MB
  • Scan to my profile - documents are saved to your profile on drive K: – Scan folder

Set your options for scanning by pressing the “Gear“ button.

2) Native interface

Scannning to e-mail without login. Press the “Scan“ button on the left side of the control panel. Set the options and type in your e-mail address. It is possible to scan documents larger than 15MB. Files over 15MB will be sent separately.
Excepting e-mail, you may scan without login also to a USB flash drive. USB port is on the left (next to the Scan button). After inserting your USB flash drive into the port, select “Save to File“ (“Uložit do souboru“ in Czech) at the top of the touchscreen. Finish your scanning with the # button, which saves the scanned documents. Wait for confirmation and then you may remove the USB drive.

Comb binding

Comb binding

Comb binding is offered at the circulation desk downstairs. Binding combs are available for A4 size (or shorter). Comb binding is done while you wait. Thick binding may be a bit more time demanding, though.

Price list
6–11 mm (cca 11–55 pages) CZK 20
14–16 mm (cca 56–120 pages) CZK 30
20–26 mm (cca 120–200 pages) CZK 40
+26 mm (cca +200 pages) CZK 50

The price is determined by the size of the binding comb and it comprises front transparent and back non-transparent cover.

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